• Travel to Northern Virginia

    Please use this page as your travel planning guide to Northern Virginia. Read all of our tips below to make the best of your getaway.


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    There are three commercial airports that are close to Leesburg Virginia, depending on which is most convenient for you:

    1. Dulles International Airport (IAD) - 28 miles to Leesburg
    2. Reagan WAshington National Airport (DCA) - 53 miles to Leesburg
    3. Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) - 68 miles to Leesburg

    Of course, if you are in Southern Virginia or somewhere on the East Coast, it might be more convenient for you to drive. By the time you get to the airport, park, check-in, go through security, fly, claim your bags and rent a car, that could take 5-6 hours which is the same as driving in some cases. This is something to keep in mind if you prefer to have your own car and save some money.


    Details for discounted area hotels to be announced May 1st!



    We highly recommend you rent a car so you can experience all that Northern Virginia has to offer. Just driving up and down Highway 15 towards Michaux State Forest is spectacular!! It is very easy to navigate while in Northern Virginia's wine country.

    If you are planning to rent a car at an airport, the major highways in the area (81 & 66) will be quickest to get to Leesburg. However, if you fly into Baltimore (BWI), taking 70 will give you a nice drive through Northern Virginia's wine country.


    Info coming soon...


    Info coming soon...


    Click HERE for parking information about all of our venues.


    Check out this article as it is a good source for wine tasting etiquette while in Northern Virginia:

    >Wine Tasting Etiquette


    Never ever drink and drive.

    While visiting the wineries, please have a designated driver with you in your party.

    If you plan to partake without a designated driver, please consider hiring a limo service. Or, if you are tasting and then driving, please make use of the spit buckets as it is perfectly acceptable to not actually ‘drink’ the wine.

    We want everyone to have a safe Northern Virginia experience!


    Evenings can be very cool, so bring a sweater, jacket, shawl and scarf for outdoor concerts and dining. In the town of Leesburg, the average temperature in October is 66 degrees, while the average high is 78 degrees and the average low temperature is 51 degrees. There is very little humidity as well, making even an 85-degree day not so hot feeling. However, it can also get well into the 90's during this time, so we recommend bringing a few options just in case it gets HOT and COLD. Hey, it's weather 🙂


    During the day, we recommend that everyone wear upscale casual and comfortable attire, affectionately known as 'wine country chic'. Women: nice skirt, sundress or slacks with a casual top, plus a sweater or jacket, again depending on the temperature. For Tarara Vineyards, wedges and flats are recommended since we're in the grass. Men: nice jeans or slacks, a button down or polo shirt and a sweater or jacket depending on the temperature.

    Let us know if you have any other questions regarding your travel into and around Northern Virginia. Email us anytime at: info@sweetjazzfest.com


    Your Sweet Jazz Team


    * Drive times are approximations based on normal traffic. Northern Virginia can get very congested during the summer with tourists going wine tasting each day. Please leave extra time to get around NOVA.